The production process of each product manufactured by Filmar, starting from the counterframes up to all the components of sliding doors, has arrived, after years of improvement, at a very high level of technological advancement, thanks to the use of increasingly advanced and precise tools such as punching machines, profiling machines, shears and numerical control (CNC) press brakes.

The advantages of CNC machines over manual ones are the very short working times and the precise repeatability of the machining, which allows to lower unit costs and obtain a superior and uniform quality.

The latest generation CNC machines used by Filmar for metalworking can produce identical parts within one thousandth of a millimetre of tolerance (one micron, the thickness of about 4000 iron atoms); a medium quality CNC machine can do the same holding itself within one hundredth of a millimetre. These advantages are amplified in the case of parts with large complex curved surfaces, such as the profiles of the various types of counterframes that can adopt, depending on the stylistic choice, complex shapes to adapt to any type of need: in this case the gain in speed and precision compared to manual production is truly unbridgeable.
Machining carried out on these machines can also be indistinguishable from handmade art objects by a non-expert eye. Using conical or spherical cutters, it is possible to create absolutely smooth surfaces, of very high precision, in a rapid, automated and extremely low cost way, with an accuracy of one ten thousandth of a millimetre (100 nanometres).
Thanks to the use of these innovative techniques, Filmar is able to offer its customers products of superior quality to the standards at a reasonable price, so as to satisfy whatever the needs of the customer.