Often we do not give the right importance to all the parts that make up our rooms, we assume that sliding doors and subframes are all the same and that they do not make the difference … nothing more wrong.

In fact, the right choice of subframes derive many more effects than we imagine, first of all reliability.

During the design, Filmar aims to find the best sliding solutions to combine quietness, fluidity and durability, paying particular attention to the choices of the materials that make up the components and choosing innovative production methods to avoid the loss of these qualities over time .

Controtelai per porte a scomparsa

The second feature, not less meaning, that Filmar considers fundamental, is the tightness of the frames, Filmar ensures that even after years of intensive use and daily stress the subframe has the same sealing properties as the first day of assembly, this advantage not negligible because according to the environment in which the subframes are used they can provide big thermal benefits, reducing the consumption of heating or cooling of the spaces.

Finally, the reliability not only of the product itself but also of the manufacturer, in fact, Filmar thanks to in-depth stress tests and research on materials can offer a guarantee of 15 years on its products, synonymous with undisputed quality.