When choosing a subframe for retractable sliding doors it is very important to carefully check all the dimensions related to its correct installation before ordering.
Here are some useful terms to help you understand which dimensions are best checked:

Passage opening (door opening): this is the visible space when work is completed, the door opening that separates or joins one room to another. To be technical (but not too technical), the passage opening is the dimension between the door jamb and the pocket entrance (passage width) and the dimension between the floor level and the crossbar (passage height).
Overall dimension: is the space required to install the entire door system. Includes the door size and the size of the sliding door pocket system. This dimension is not only what you see when the work is finished, but also what is hidden inside the walls.

The standard dimensions of retractable sliding doors do not differ from the classic hinged doors, the standard dimensions are the passageways ranging from 70 cm to 90 cm and a standard height of 210 cm.
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