Filmar sliding door frames are suitable for every need, all models are available with compatibility for plasterboard and brickwork walls, to cope with the ever-increasing spread of drywall, but what is the difference?
First of all, there is no need for a metal mesh to grip the plaster, and for this reason the structure of the subframe is much simpler and more open, making it even easier to install.


Another important detail is to ensure the strength of the subframe to prevent it from flexing once the plasterboard sheet is fixed, in this case Filmar has solved this problem by installing 12 reinforcing bars (6 on each side) that preserve the internal seat of the subframe.
The subframe is also adapted to be mounted on any type of frame and structures typical of drywall systems and plasterboard walls to ensure maximum versatility and facilitate assembly, and it is thanks to these small but important details that our models are guaranteed 15 years and certified by the Istituto Giordano, an internationally accredited body for the certification of of products standards and quality levels.