Being able to offer a quality product is unfortunately no longer a common prerogative, due to the growth of competition and inflation many manufacturers decide to lower the quality of their production at the expense of customers, in the case of Filmar’s frames for sliding door, instead, the process is the reverse, it is in fact the search for a higher quality level the lifeblood that makes our company grow, and that is why we place quality at the heart of the entire process of conception and production.
For this reason, Filmar relies on an authoritative source such as the Istituto Giordano to certify all the progress made on the quality aspects of its products, which have successfully passed all the tests to which they have been subjected, including static resistance and friction generation tests, which underline how these important factors are put at the forefront of the development of the components that form the subframes.


The certificates issued by the Istituto Giordano are recognized and accepted in Italy and internationally by virtue of the accreditations, authorizations and recognitions obtained by this important institute, in particular, the ACCREDIA accreditations (Italian accreditation body), which ensure validity and credibility to the certificates issued through participation in the Mutual Recognition Agreements three foreign accreditation bodies, members of EA/IAF-ILAC (MLA), which then aligns the tests carried out to the highest European standards.

Thanks to these meticulous tests and the certifications obtained, Filmar can guarantee its products for 15 years and provide the customer with the highest level of quality achievable in each component, without it being affected over time.