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The entire process of design and construction of subframes, carried out by Filmar at its office, behind a meticulous and careful selection and choice of materials to be used as a prerequisite for the creation of high quality products able to resist wear weather.

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The entire range of subframes “Filmar New Age” is made using top quality materials carefully selected and innovative processes that ensure a finished product of high quality and durable.

In particular, the side panels are manufactured using metal sheets in galvanized steel curving vertically corrugated sheets to which are then engaged with the clinching system 12 reinforcing crosspieces (6 for each side), thus obtaining a robust structure and resistant to lateral thrusts generated from plaster maturation.

The top rail of galvanized sheet steel profiled shimmed and spaces is provided with a snap fitting (without the use of screws) that, speeds up and simplifies the mounting of the subframe, also thanks to the insertion of the bayonet aluminum guide profile, housed therein.

All stages of processing of the product, by bending the sheet metal packaging of the finished product, followed closely by a highly qualified staff, operating according to strict company regulations, ensures consistent quality over time.


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