Whether it is a new construction or a renovation, one of the most important aspects to consider is the choice of doors, an element with a simple technical function but which has a great importance in terms of design and management of space. By becoming a decorative element themselves, the choice of the type of model and materials becomes fundamental in order to find the most suitable solution for one’s own idea of home.

The sliding doors give an original and modern air to the furniture, also a solution that disappears free of walls and without encumbrance the rooms returning spaces occupied in an impractical way.

A real resource to make the most of spaces when they are scarce, but also an excellent architectural and design solution in larger environments where it is not the optimization of space the first objective. Another advantage of a sliding solution is the possibility to create a direct communication between two environments, leaving unchanged the continuity and fluidity between the spaces, and with the same ease, divide the spaces in a clear way when more privacy is needed.
Choosing a Filmar’s product, there are many possibilities available and they adapt to all needs, from the space-saving solutions of the Base models with single leaf, to the most refined and spectacular of the Tandem, Duple or Arco models, whatever the architectural or stylistic need, in the line up of Filmar’s counterframes there is what you need.