In this article we will deal with some features and functions that differentiate swing doors from sliding doors. This comparison will give us the opportunity to make an informed decision. But remember that the options depend solely on individual needs and budget. Below are some of the comparisons between the two doors:

The door space
Hinged doors will generally provide significant space for full opening, especially openings to the outside. In fact, if there is no space for the right opening, these will twist or deform with the passage of time.
Sliding doors, on the other hand, do not need much space to open thanks to the sliding system. This completely eliminates the obstruction of space.
Door width limits
Since swing doors are supported by pins, the maximum limit for the door width is 600 mm. Once this size has been exceeded, entrance doors generally stress the hinges, which can easily cause problems.
In the case of sliding doors, on the other hand, the widths can be designed according to your needs, ensuring that the door does not distort and closes correctly even after years of intensive use.
Mounting impediments
Hinged doors are usually mounted above the skirting board to ensure that the door receives the necessary support to be compatible with the frame.
Sliding doors, on the other hand, do not require any space or special gaps to be able to slide on the floor, this also significantly improves the thermal efficiency of rooms that adopt this type of door.

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