Sliding doors are an efficient way to add character to your home, but they can also pose a threat to the security of your home if certain measures are not taken. Sliding doors are often used as a second entrance to your home from the outside, such as a back door.

What makes a sliding door a security threat?
Sliding doors are primarily designed for indoor use, so focus on comfort and smooth operation, they are often almost completely silent when operated, and offer a complete view of the house from the outside.
For these reasons here are some measures you can take to add security to your glass sliding doors:
Fortify the locks with an additional lock
To make the sliding door safer, the most immediate solution is to install an additional lock. An alternative lock of any type, as long as it is compatible with the subframe, can add an additional level of security to the door and make life much more difficult for a burglar.

Add a locking bar
An alternative method to the integration of an additional lock is to install a sliding locking bar. This is a thick metal bar or, possibly, a wooden dowel to be inserted into a track to lock the door opening from the inside even in the event of the main lock being broken into. This lock has a dual function: in addition to locking the door daily, it also offers protection when the integrated lock is not fully functional.

Keep the sliding track clean
Often an accumulation of dirt and residues can accumulate in the rails of the sliding door. This causes the door not to close completely, leaving some space and providing a quick entry for thieves.
For this reason, if the rollers do not work properly, they must be cleaned to ensure that the doors slide smoothly and smoothly.