For many, this last month has been a succession of emotions, confusing circumstances, economic turbulence, job instability and too many unanswered questions, and in general, life as we know it has changed.
With so many people being asked to work from home, as well as a heavier than usual addiction to computers, mobile phones and online ordering, this pandemic has caused many to get used to the massive use of technology faster than they could under normal circumstances.


One of the industry’s most realistic predictions emerging from the coronavirus pandemic is an evolution towards working from home. While the initial mentality surrounding homework tended toward negativity, a new perspective and positive collective realization is now developing. Many are now understanding the inherent benefits and savings associated with working from home.
The trend to create one’s own workspace at home is creating a rapidly expanding market and will require the use of partition walls, new lighting management, room reorganisation, elegant office accessories and spatial solutions that fit perfectly into a home and are consistent with the interior design of living areas. The use of sliding doors will be of great help in this small “revolution” to reshape rooms and create new spaces to include everything that one’s working life requires.

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