Technological innovation is definitely one of the perks of our company.

The entire counterframes production is performed by using the most technologically advanced machinery, capable of ensuring a higher quality in the processing, compared to other ones available on the market, as punching machines, profiling machines, numerical control (CNC) shears and bending presses.

In particular, our system is composed by various bending presses equipped with 3-axis numerical control, which guarantee precise and constant folds; various industrial robots automatically controlled by a three-dimensional software simulator, which perfectly synchronized with the movements of the bending press, allows to accompany in an accurate way the sheet throughout the bending cycle.

For the implementation of the side panel reinforcements, we use the clinching, an innovative production process aimed at the irreversible joining of the plates by the pressure joining technology, greatly advantageous compared to traditional spot welding (e.g. No rust).

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