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Controtelai per porte a scomparsa come soluzioni d’arredo

The use of a retractable door is often dictated by the housing needs rather than by stylistic need.

Some old houses, for example, are designed with very large rooms, designed to accommodate huge reception halls that, at present, have lost housing and architectural significance.

It may therefore be necessary to reduce the space of these ex-salons to compose two rooms, obtaining, for example, a living room and a bedroom or a living room and a study.

The entirety of the room is often not distorted but simply divided in two, getting such a bedroom and an adjoining studio.

Certainly the elegant original nature is not entirely ignored in the new design, but it will be definitely more modernized.

If the house is very old We need to be careful to be lighter on the floor without using heavy building structures, walls, beams etc.

The best solution will then be the use of a lightweight building structure such as plasterboard.

The latter, in fact, is very lightweight and very durable, so it is the ideal alternative to divide this kind of environment, and is very well suited to the installation of

Counterframes for sliding doors as furniture solutions

The subframe for indoors New Age “DUET” drywall version is the perfect and elegant solution to split with our style environments.

The following image shows how “Duetto” drywall version confers elegance and structural strength to the entire dividing structure.

testata_duetto_cartongessoAs we can see New Age “Duetto” gives a unique beauty to the rooms, but not only.
The subframe, inserted into the plasterboard structure, gives a very high strength, due to the large number of horizontal ties of the counter.
The scaffolding of the counter then provides a real support structure in plasterboard, solid and durable.
In summary, the metal structure of the subframe New Age “Duetto”, being quite big but also very light, makes up a real reinforcement or metallic soul of the plasterboard, that significantly increases its solidity.

The company philosophy of Filmar follows precisely what we just saw. Currently, companies have had to build flexible structures to withstand the load of respective economies, these structures need a soul, an inner framework, a valuable support to be successful.

This support can only be given by a family management structure, a new very different concept from a simple family conduction.
This structure branches throughout the company, just like our counter inside the the plasterboard, supports it at all levels, knowing it in any point.

The family management structure has another remarkable advantage, that is having always in mind the needs of families who use our products, this pushes us to build only the best certified quality products.

Filmar, close to our customers always.

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