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Controtelai per unire ambienti

Last article we showed how you can solve the problem of dividing a large room, drawing two very elegant. Today, we ask ourselves the opposite problem. How merge two initially different environments , providing a unique destination for both, while preserving their uniqueness?

To be more specific, the problem of which we speak now appears, for example, when we want to join two apartments through a wall between two rooms adjoining.

In the cases cited, and in many other similar cases, the connecting wall between the two environments is made of plastered bricks, will be then necessary to open a hole in it for putting in communication the rooms.
This weakens the entire structure, and a door in simple swing will not return solidity to the wall.
Compromising the stability of a wall weakens, even if not in a substantial way, the structure of the rooms which are put in communication, therefore it is necessary to study a stratagem that restore solidity to the wall itself.

Insert a subframe for sliding door in a plastered wall is the ideal solution for restoring to it a solid metal core.

Subframes to merge environments

This is the solution that Filmar proposes to put into communication two different rooms that are intended for a common use.

In detail, a counterframe for sliding doors gives greater solidity to a brick wall plastered for the following reasons.

  1. In addition to the gap in the wall to house a subframe for the sliding door, we must practice a dig in the bricks. This means replacing rigid and fragile parts (bricks, lime, plaster etc) with elastic metal parts (infrastructure, metal sleepers, grasping nets etc.)
  2. The subframes Filmar do not use welds, so give to the wall a solid support armature, elastic and especially that does not offer easy to corrosion attack points.
  3. The metal with which are built counterframes is lighter than steel in reinforced concrete, this means lighten the overall structure.

Usually, common walls that are opened for joining rooms are quite large and may be useful to include in them a counter frame for double sliding doors as our “New age duple” and “New Age duetto”.

Subframes to merge environments
Subframes to merge environments

The first, as we can see at the following link, hosts two staggered wings, so it is particularly suitable for very thick walls.
With “New age Duple” We can hang up any room of our house, giving it the elegance required to change its destination of use.
But we can also connect only a garage to our room, providing a more elegant facade of our sliding door to the inner room and a coarser façade, for example metal, turned to the carport.

Subframes to merge environments
Subframes to merge environments

The second, as we see here, is a solid and very elegant subframe suitable for bonding refined environments, separated by thinner walls.
This type of solution allows to connect similar environments like a kitchen (obtainable from the attached garage) and a living room.

If the rooms to be connected are not large, Filmar also proposes furnishing solutions with single doors.

Next article we will talk about how to use small spaces, bordered by columns and load-bearing walls, in order to derive closets, hidden kitchenettes or small rooms.

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