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Tecnologia e qualità di un controtelaio

It is not possible to create a good sliding door frame if you do not have the best technology available.

Filmar uses, for example, the best numerical control bending machines. Indeed, the bending process may have some notable problems, such as the wrong curvature of the sheet, which is here shown in the figure.


In practice, it is possible that a sheet bending can be made at the center of the punch at an angle different from the one at the extremes.

This is because we must not forget that bending presses bend metal with steel, so the coefficients of deformability of metal materials are very similar.

For this, it may happen that the punch, after various uses, deforms in the center creating uneven bends as seen in the figure.

We at Filmar have implemented several ways to avoid an uneven bending.

The first step is to use bending machines with punches and dies made with specially non-deformable special steels.

In addition to bending, our countertops are also profiled.

This technique literally tracks a profile across the counterframe.

Even in this case, the process is carried out with steel elements that are used for profiling other metals. Therefore, an “inefficient” profile may occur if the steel elements of the profiler are deformed.

In this case, choosing machines with special steel elements, of high informability, is a winning choice.

The use of bending machines and profilers requires high accuracy, that is why we use numeric control machines in Filmar that can be controlled throughout the process in which they are used.

All this is completed by the coordination of the multiple implemented processes, including clinching; carefully select the processes to implement and the implementation times is crucial for the production of optimal countertops in a short time.


Technology and quality of a counterframe

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