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Controtelai solidi e semplici

We can define them as the two S on which is based our company policy and who gives uniqueness to our counterframes.

The care for that we have to our clients, subframe installers, force us to produce a simply fit and solid, at the same time, product.

Even if we don’t operate with final clients, that will use our counterframes, we know very well their needs, that’s why we must propose to our installer optimal and quick assembly solution.

The installer that have to mount a sliding door have a few simple claims:

  • The assembly must happen in the shortest time.
  • The installation must improve architecturally and structurally the flat.

Filmar designs his counterframes, in such a way that make simple installer assembly, maintaining solidity and elegance.


In this collage we can see that engages and hinges of our counterframes are simple to regulate and assembly.

Installer can easily monitor all counterframe montage steps, using our precise instructions.

Completed the construction, the counterframe easily allows the accomodation of sliding doorsrealizing an elegant, reliable and original piece of furniture.

Sliding systems, silent, technologically and very worthwile, tested by Istituto Giordano, ensure the endurance and the efficiency of counterframes.

Strenghtness of our counterframes facilitates our installers.

Unlock, insert components and assembly our counterframes turn out to be simple because we have a very  limited cracking risk.

Filmar takes up every day the challenge to offer the best to its installer studying new metal alloy and new connections between pieces.

Our aim is to improve into build

 solid and simple counterframes


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