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Controtelai di qualità certificata

Let’s go deeper, with a series of articles, the tests carried out by the Istituto Giordano on our counterframes.

According to our company philosophy every possible weak point represents, in reality, an opportunity to improve in quality.

The sliding trolley of a subframe and the section that contains it can hide different construction pitfalls.

In this article we will deal with the problems of deformation which the profile can meet by the passage of time.


One of the most important tests to be carried out is the static resistance, which consists in measuring the deformations of the carriage and profiled when a panel much heavier than a normal door rests on them.

In our case the test was carried out with a 240 kg panel that was housed in our subframe for 15 minutes.

The result is surprising, in fact both the sliding carriage and the accommodation profile have not suffered any permanent deformation, or have not reported any damage.

This test reveals the extraordinary elasticity and excellent hardness of our materials, perfectly combined characteristics that give reliability to the subframe.

Following is the result of the test carried out by the Istituto Giordano.

Risultati prova 1

In the next article we will analyze other tests carried out on our subframes, describing their results in a practical way.

We will emphasize the results obtained and how they have a positive impact on our counter frames.

Filmar continuously researches new techniques and materials to improve the work of its customers, installers who choose only the best.

Certified quality counterframes

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