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Controtelai per porte a scomparsa straordinariamente resistenti

With this article we will show how the quality of the Filmar sliding door frames is truly extraordinary.
In the two previous articles we reported the measurement of the initial friction measurement of our counter frames and the “damage assessment” test after 150000 opening and closing cycles, with a dummy door weighing 240 kg.
These two tests, as we reported, have given exciting results, but the test we will discuss now, directly linked to the first two, confirms the very high reliability of the filmar sliding door frames.

Extraordinarily resistant counterframes for retractable doors

The test that we present concerns the measurement of the initial friction after the 150000 operation
To be precise, we will measure the friction that the 240 kg door together with the counterframe offers
at opening and closing.
Obviously, by initial friction we mean the static friction, that is the force that must be overcome for
open the door or close it from a stationary position.
The result is surprising, in fact, as we can see from the image below, the friction
initial, before and after having carried out the 150000 cycles, it remains practically identical.

attrito porta prima e dopo

We have highlighted in blue the force necessary to remove the static friction both before and after the 150000 cycles and, as we can see, the value is practically unchanged.
This result makes it clear that the structural integrity of the subframe is preserved even after 150000 opening and closing cycles, confirming its durability and reliability.
It is important for us at Filmar to offer high quality products to guarantee our customers the best
At Filmar, we aim to do our best.


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