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Controtelai per porte scorrevoli estetica e solidità

The soul of a sliding door is in its counterframe, this contributes, in fact, to the appearance of the
carries itself.
A counterframe that is too simple or not very functional determines the anesthetic appearance of the door, a
reliable and solid counterframe, instead it contributes to the aesthetic aspect of sliding mail.
When can a sliding door be defined as aesthetic or anesthetic?
Aesthetics is a personal experience that affects the soul of an observer, involving him
totally, soul and body, in collecting information from a given object or from one
action date.
Anesthetic is, on the contrary, an experience that sleeps all the senses, hurting the sensitivity of the person
it lives both in the heart and in the mind.
Those who live an anesthetic experience are extinguished and / or distracted in experiencing it by paying very little
attention to the object of the experience that is living.

Counterframes for sliding doors aesthetic and solidity

The beauty of a subframe for sliding doors is not enough to provide an aesthetic experience
who “lives” a retractable door.
A beautiful but not functional door ignites the desire to open it and to discover the environment that
If, however, in the opening the subframe shows defects or, even, it is too worn or not
functional, the initial aesthetic emotion turns into a brutally anesthetic experience.
These feelings / emotions last a few moments but it is scientifically proven that mule
aesthetic experiences relieves stress, while the opposite contributes to an increase in stress that
it affects the personality.
All these seem simple details but, in reality, represent essential elements that come
transferred to the concealed door from the subframe.
Filmar, we are attentive to your emotions!

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