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Reorganisation of interiors for the New Year

This year is finally drawing to a close, despite how, for many of us, it has felt like a lifetime since things were normal, pre-COVID19. And with a few days to go, it’s time to start thinking about what kind of environment you want for 2021. Remodelling or reorganising your interior is a great way to emotionally reset after periods of stress, uncertainty or change.

Cleaning out wardrobe space, updating your wardrobe or starting a DIY project are all cathartic exercises and act as an outlet to reorganise your mind and goals and move on to the next chapter.When we start going through old items that we no longer need, we are able to clean out and release attachments to pieces or moments in our lives that we no longer need.



Start with the details

Start by tackling the smallest spaces first, i.e. wardrobes and bathrooms. It is useful to remind yourself which clothes and other items you should choose, and also to decipher between what you use and what you don’t really use. Too many of us cling to things we never use or wear just because they have a certain sentimental value. And after years of collecting and accumulating these items, we end up living with too many things.

Having too many personal items can distract us from feeling comfortable and relaxed in our own homes. And who would want that? Especially in this year, in which we have been living at home most of the day, we want our spaces to be fresh, clean and comfortable, not full of unnecessary and untidy objects. We often fail to recognise when we are living in chaos and why we feel overwhelmed. As if this year wasn’t overwhelming enough, having an unorganised and overcrowded home doesn’t help our new lifestyles. So what can be done?


Space-saving options

Take everything out of the cupboard and lay it on the floor or on the bed, so that you have a complete overview and understanding of everything you have been holding onto. After you have taken everything out, systematically examine each item and put it in different piles. Make a ‘keep’ pile, a ‘give’ pile and also a ‘maybe’ pile.

After several rounds of this organisation system, you will be able to accurately identify the items you want to keep and those you can safely discard.And before you put them back in the cupboard, make sure you thoroughly clean, dust and wipe down the surfaces so that you can put your items back in a clean environment. In addition, you may find it useful to install sliding door frames in rooms that need the most space, and to replace normal hinged doors. These sleek, modern sliding doors add an updated aesthetic to any space while freeing up more floor space.

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