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Il massimo risparmio di spazio con New Age “Luminoso”

Filmar srl continues his rise on the market of interior counterframes always proposing innovative and competitive solutions. One of the company’s strength point is the ability to satisfy the clients’ needs with tailored designs and services. With the development and the study of the best technologies, Filmar is always able to take the lead in a constantly evolving market, proposing solutions aimed to the requests of whom decide to put themselves in our hands.

Among the results studied by Filmar there’s the New Age “Luminoso” model, proposed in single plaster and drywall. This model has been studied for a single pocket sliding door. “Luminoso” has been studied to maximize space-saving: this model, in fact is a single sliding door with two rails, designed to guarantee the customer the freedom to install the electrical junction boxes wherever he pleases.

The rails are strategically disposed in a counterframe, one in the interior side and the other one on the exterior side. The strength is in the flexibility of the rails’ positioning: there are no fixed point and, as every Filmar’s models, New Age “Luminoso” is offered in out-sized versions both in height and width.

Among the New Age “Luminoso” qualities, the high quality thickened galvanized steel sheet guarantees a great strength to the entire structure. Additionally, the model has lateral reinforcements with the clinching system that assure strength and stiffness, both for the plastered and drywall versions.

For more details on the New Age “Luminoso” it is possible to deepen on the Filmar srl website, where every counterframe’s model, both for interior and exterior, is illustrated in all particular and in complete transparency.

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