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When to use the frame for oversized sliding doors?

Choosing the right type of door for your home is extremely important, as it can affect the aesthetics of the environment and produce functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

Among the most appreciated styles are the oversized sliding doors that are characterized to be innovative solutions and particularly suitable for small spaces. In these situations, knowing when it is appropriate to use the sub-frame is essential to meet the requirements of practicality and design.


Why install oversized sliding doors with subframe?

Advantages of oversized sliding doors.

Oversized sliding doors are innovative locking systems that stand out for their ability to minimize footprint and optimize interior spaces, allowing new environments to be created even in situations where space is reduced. In addition, the presence of a slide carriage allows a smooth and slim opening, increasing its versatility and comfort in everyday use. Thanks to the advanced technical solutions offered by the functional locking mechanisms, it offers a perfect balance between design and practicality.

The frame for sliding doors: quality and solidity of the structureThe frame is a metal structure that is inserted inside the wall just before its closure with the final plaster. It is the support of the discorrimento system and allows you to hide the door inside the wall when open, without the need for additional outdoor spaces. Thanks to its structure, made withhigh-quality materials and strength, the frame can withstand considerable weight without deformation or sagging. In addition, it absorbs temperature changes and eventual dilations or contractions given the change in humidity.

When to choose the subframe for an oversized sliding door.

Considering the many advantages of oversize sliding doors as an optimal solution for small spaces, it is advisable to rely on the chassis in particular situations, such as:

  • in the presence of plasterboard walls or light materials, the subframe offers the right support to the door structure and ensures adequate sliding, avoiding any problems or breakages;
  • in case of narrow or small spaces, where the hinged opening of a traditional door is impossible and where a door solution would allow the use of practical drawers that allow the complete use of space, both horizontal and vertical.

In the creation of modern, minimalist and carefully designed environments, the integration of the frame enhances the functionality and aesthetics of sliding doors. In such situations, the chassis is therefore the optimal solution to ensure the correct operation of the doors with sliding opening dedicated to your environments. Building on these elements, we encourage you to contact an expert to assess the space at your disposal and make an informed and profitable decision.


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