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Sliding doors to reduce architectural barriers

In this article we want to explain better what we expressed in a 2021 spot article in which we briefly introduced some ideas regarding the removal of architectural barriers at home.

Sliding doors to reduce architectural barriers

A sliding door does not involve the actual removal of an architectural barrier but contributes in a simple, significant and functional way to a greater use of spaces by the disabled.

Sliding doors to reduce architectural barriers

As shown in the figure, for a room to which a disabled person in a wheelchair belongs, for example a bathroom, the hinged doors must be arranged so as to expose towards the outside and not towards the inside, to save space in the room itself. This space saving is necessary because the disabled person needs space for handling and for placing the wheelchair, if necessary.

This encumbrance, obviously, has repercussions on the body outside the room, for example a corridor, and it is often necessary to provide mini entrances to receive the entire depth of the door.

We must remember that the minimum dimensions of the door are determined by the size of the chair and therefore it is not possible to provide standard measurements.

Where possible, therefore, structuring a sliding door for rooms to which a disabled person belongs, greatly reduces the overall dimensions.

However, a sliding door is also useful for mobility in a wheelchair.

In fact, it should not be forgotten that the disabled person, to enter the room, will have to pass the hinged open door and this requires doors with special hinges capable of rotating of 180°.

In summary, the sliding door avoids considerable bulk and increases the freedom of the disabled.

The possibility of having non-standard counterframes is very important, the dimensions of the wheelchairs are, in fact, variable and being able to have various possibilities for the measurements of the counterframes allows you to adapt the sliding door to various needs.

A sliding door also offers better aesthetics, in fact it is possible to mount lower handles for opening the door without changing the shape of the sliding door too much.

The general aesthetics of the rooms will be improved by increasing the livability of the house, which will be more beautiful and comfortable.

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