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The importance of counterframes for a small kitchen

There are people who choose a small house and need to furnish it by recovering as much space as possible.
Tey opt for minimal furniture that is able to make the house spacious. Such space can be recovered by
using sliding doors for the kitchen and bathroom, and this is where counterframes come in.

There are plenty of them on the market, obviously need to understand which one is best for your needs,
you have to choose them carefully.
You can really find several on our site: counterframes for concealed sliding doors and even oversized
counterframes to please all customers. Each can be useful in a corner of the house, let's see how.

Small kitchen: choose counterframes for concealed sliding doors
We know that counterframes are a fixed structure that you put on the wall that remains anchored to a
fixed frame of the window frame. This creates a space between the wall and the window frame where you
can put concealed sliding doors.
The latter are the ideal solution when the kitchen is small. We can give you two suggestions, if the kitchen
is dislocated but is only a few square meters, so you cannot install a door, then the ideal solution is a sliding
Or if you have kitchen and living room together, it might be appropriate to divide the area with a similar
To help you in this process, specific counterframes for retractable sliding doors can be installed. We have
two solutions for you:
  • The new age base model: available for sliding doors with one leaf, so there will be little space allocated to
    the counterframe, but it allows you to recover without any doubt, valuable square meters.
  • The new age duet model: suitable for opposing sliding doors, they give more brightness to the spaces, so
    they could be a good solution for those who have in the same room kitchen and living room.
  • The new age tandem model: good for those who choose parallel sliding pocket doors. You will have two
    openings with the installation of a single counterframe.
For the kitchen, can you choose counterframes for drywall?

Counterframes are used to keep concealed sliding doors of different types anchored to the wall; they
originated long ago for masonry walls and exist in different materials.

There are also plasterboard counterframes currently on the market that are suitable for such walls. They
present metal parts capable of supporting the door anchored firmly to the wall, without the risk of
damaging it. In addition, on plasterboard walls you do not necessarily have to put a wire mesh before

Plasterboard counterframes can also be used for kitchen sliding doors because they have incredible
strength and also ease of installation, even for the inexperienced.

In addition, Filmar also creates outsized counterframes of any type at the customers' request. Precisely to
ensure maximum comfort during installation and leave you free to choose the doors that are right for you,
depending on the space available.

The counterframes for concealed sliding plasterboard doors are also useful for bathrooms and for creating
a quiet study corner for smart working.

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