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Counterframes for all needs

What makes a company close to its customers? Many years of experience, intellectual honesty, significant proposals and knowledge of the historical moment we are experiencing.

Counterframes for all needs

Combining the need for an excellent quality product with the economic needs that the current period imposes remains a mission for us.
The costs increasing of raw materials, such as aluminum, and the increase in energy costs forces all companies to face complex industrial challenges.

Being able to offer counterframes suitable for the needs of our customers, without reducing the quality of our products is a challenge that requires the redesign of the supply chains but not only.

It is necessary to do research, to understand, for example, which materials can be integrated into our production chain and in what way.

Aluminum, for example, is a raw material that can also be obtained by recycling other products, but this requires a lot of attention, because the alloys used in the subframes are designed to optimize the strength and flexibility of the subframe.

In summary, the materials we use constitute the basis for producing high quality products.

It is therefore necessary to do research on raw materials coming from recycling, so that these are of excellent quality and can contribute to the creation of an excellent and economical product.

It is necessary to redesign the supply chain, actively inserting the import of aluminum and other recycled materials taken from producers who guarantee their high quality.

Filmar is committed to analyzing these materials, verifying that the data reported by the companies, whether they come from recycling or from first extraction.
Our checks include, first of all, tests carried out on the alloys with which our counter frames will be designed.
The properties of resistance to traction, pressure and impact, the elastic and plastic properties are tested.

Even from an energy point of view, Filmar is trying to produce its counterframes using renewable energy sources as much as possible, in order to reduce costs without impacting too much on the final cost of the product.

A continuous and incessant work of quality research, trying not to affect costs, to offer our customers

Counterframes for all needs

Controtelai per ogni esigenza
Counterframes for all needs

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