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Counter frames for non-standard sliding doors

The standard measurements of a sliding door are:

  • width 70-80 cm;
  • height 210 cm.

Also the shape of a sliding door has its own standard: the rectangular shape.

However, more and more often these shapes and sizes are not suitable for apartments; sometimes particular architectural forms are required, other times it is the structure of the house that requires different shapes or sizes for the sliding doors.

Counter frames for non-standard sliding doors

But what are the characteristics that a subframe with non-standard sizes must retain?


  • Every single piece of a non-standard subframe must be produced univocally, avoiding additional welding. This preserves a large part of the elasticity and solidity of the subframe.
  • Reliability.
    The assembly schemes must be tested by the installers to subsequently assemble each piece of the non-standard counterframes in a simple and safe way.
  • High quality materials.
    The materials used must have the same quality as the standard counterframes or even higher. Special steel alloys may also be needed.

At Filmar We have always been engaged in the production of counter frames that can meet the needs of our customers, of the installers and of their customers.
We aware that combining technical accuracy with architectural needs of particular building structures is a challenge that evolves day by day, we take the utmost care in producting non-standard sliding door frames, so that these can meet the needs of the end customer.

Our company history testifies the effective research aimed to constantly improving this aspect.


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