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Controtelaio porta scomparsa

What do we imagine by reading the word: disappeared?
Simple, let’s imagine something that was there before and then it’s gone, something that appears and then disappears, you do not feel, you can not touch it is impalpable.
Today we want to talk about some of our types of counterframe for retractable door that lighten the habitable spaces with a breath, disappearing and reappearing when we want, we talk about the types of counter frame for retractable door “New Age Simplex”.

controtelaio porta scomparsa
controtelaio porta scomparsa

as can be seen from the image, this counter-frame for retractable door allows the sliding door to disappear completely, putting the two rooms in total communication.

Retractable door frame

The retractable door disappears into the subframe without leaving a trace because even the opening movement is very silent, so, almost without realizing it, two rooms become a single environment.
Ideal is the plasterboard version of the “New age simplex double”, with which you can divide a very large single environment to form two, as we can see from the following image.
The door disappears completely when you open it, joining the two rooms in one and then redirecting them when necessary, in order to meet greater privacy and silence needs.

controtelaio porta scomparsa
controtelaio porta scomparsa

The solidity of the concealed door subframe gives, as always, greater elegance to the finished disappearing door, an elegance that makes it even lighter.
Simplex is a breath that animates our environments, modifies them without distorting them, thanks to the silentness of our forklift kit.
Filmar: attention to your needs is what moves us.