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Innovazioni con controtelai scorrevoli per porta a scomparsa.

Have you ever tried to make a staircase disappear to make the environment where you live more elegant?
Maybe that closet that you thought to save space now takes more of it because it has a hinged door.

And that connection wall so beautiful? A swing door or a simple sliding door could ruin it!
One of the fundamental principles of architecture is the functionality of an object.
No matter how beautiful an object can be, to be truly an architectural object must be extremely functional.

For example, even the Wright skylights embellish the structures by flooding them with light, but at the same time they are functional to the lighting of the buildings in which they are located.

Innovazioni con controtelai per porte scorrevoli en


Innovations with sliding counterframes through the disappearing gate

A counterframe for sliding doors, which is really a piece of furniture, expresses its beauty above all through its functionality: silent opening / closing, sinuous movements, tested solidity, durability.

All these elements contribute to the final architectural beauty of our sliding door.

We at Filmar know well that the beauty of the artifacts does not lie in the pure exteriority but, rather, in the aesthetic experience that these can transmit, where for aesthetics we mean an experience that involves all the senses, not just the sight.

This is why our sliding door frames give life to retractable doors that can always give unique sensations to those who open / close them.

Our countertops for sliding doors allow you to innovate the rooms, erasing anti-imperfections, such as, for example, old stairs, old closets and unused corners.

Filmar, innovate with quality!

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