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Porte a scomparsa fuori misura

The interior doors are indispensable elements for any environment, home, office, etc.

Separate and unite the living areas but can also become significant items of furniture depending on the handles, material and decorations that will be used for the construction of the door.

We’ll see in future articles about various types of subframes for sliding doors but also the features and solutions that Filmar offers, together with practical advice for installation and purchase.

Knowing how to choose well a pocket door means getting strength, durability and aesthetics.

Today we speak about

Outsize pocket doors

Measures that must be taken for the selection of doors

Before you decide to buy a pocket door it is crucial detect good measures and placement you intend to do.

If the house is being renovated or under construction, measures to be reported are:

  • compartment width
  • Height to be detected from the finished floor
  • Depth, that is, the thickness of the wall

When the doors must be replaced but they are not going to renovations, the old swing doors can be easily replaced with the sliding, in this case the wall where the door was located, must be at least ten cm thick and need to measure the wall where the tracks will be installed to the sash scroll, because it will have a width at least as the door itself.

measures that have to be taken are:

  • width of the compartment, including in this case the size of the frames
  • always height from the floor level
  • wall thickness

The evolution and the needs of our habitat have changed over time and lead us to customize and make more and more unique environment in which we live, we often have to deal with too small or too large spaces, so the standard measures of doors no longer meet our needs.

The standard size of a interior door have from 80 to 100 cm in width to 210 cm in height. In the course of the renovation of a house, you can also choose to act on oversized doors.

If are already provided masonry work, it is preferable to bring the compartment of the door in standard sizes, rather than to achieve a tailored door.

In the case our space needs require us revisiting the environment, you can opt for the custom oversized sliding door.

Filmar srl is a leader in the production of counter frames for sliding doors, provides customized solutions for size, type and required functions.

Due to constant technological research and studies on the evolution of civil engineering structures, the company is able to respond effectively to any needs of the sector operators, offering advice and assistance regarding solvign problem, one of the major cornerstones of success and company strategy.

All Fimar products bear the quality mark and may be available and adapted to custom sizes.

Filmar, the right size for a quality thick!




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