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Innovare e rinnovare con un controtelaio per porte scorrevoli

In the previous article we talked about architectural aesthetics, showing how this is directly related to the functionality of a piece of furniture.

A few articles, however, we talked about counterframes for innovative sliding doors that, literally, disappear in our walls, both closed and open.

What do these counterframes add to the architectural solutions put in place to furnish our home?

The answer is simple: originality.

The effect I see / do not see of a hidding door that disappears completely into the wall, making itself invisible, adds, in fact, a quid of freshness to our environment.

When the door is closed, it will seem to be surrounded by the welcoming environment in which we are, almost to feel enveloped.

When the door is opened, we will not notice the separation between the two environments that it divides, therefore we will seem to live in a single space.

Rinnovare e innovare con un controtelaio en


Innovate and renew with a counterframe for sliding doors

The image shown above shows, more than a thousand words, how the filmar concealed counterframes operate a real architectural innovation making the environment in which they are inserted absolutely unique.

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