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Controtelai con stile e controtelai di stile

After talking about the attention to technological details that we make in building our countertops, we want to talk about our operating style and show how it is reflected in style, elegance and, above all, in the quality of our countertops.

Stile Filmar

Countertops with style and style countertops

Our products are made using high quality materials, worked with state-of-the-art techniques to ensure a certified quality counterframe to our customers.

Since bending the plates, each step is performed by highly qualified and specialized personnel and each technician works only with high reliability machines.

This guarantees an excellent yield for our countertops both in terms of production and in terms of quality.

The control carried out during the process is attentive, scrupulous and meticulous, and our technicians, in fact, instantly follow the machining phase assigned to them without losing sight of the overall process.

This guarantees a high efficiency but, above all, a high reliability of our countertops.

Two very important processes are the grinding and the thickness of the sheets that will form the body of our countertops.

Both processes allow to increase the weight of the counter-frame, giving it greater resistance and stability.

Both processes are very delicate. The grooves drawn during the grinding must be as identical as possible, otherwise it may create deformations that facilitate the attack of corrosive agents and will undermine the entire infrastructure.

You can understand, therefore, the fundamental importance of checking meticulously every single process in the smallest details.

If that was not enough, Filmar provided a number of controls to certify the quality of its counterframes.

These certifications also include the smaller parts of our countertops, such as our trolley kit.

The style that characterizes each processing step is seriousness, ie patient and meticulous application of precise techniques in each process.

The fruit of this style of work is reflected in the sober and elegant style of our products, such as our “New Age Arco Doppio”.


The operating style, therefore, is totally reflected in the elegant style of our countertops, a style guaranteed by years of experience and passion.

Filmar, just the best!

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