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Controtelai straordinari privi di saldature

The following is a basic feature of our subframes for sliding doors, or the absence of welds.
From a technical point of view, to have no welds internally adds extraordinary technical qualities to the subframe.

Structurally, the welding points are high oxidative risk areas and also constitute a weak point of the subframe for stress resistance.

The welding points consist of metals that go to make an alloy with the weld metal.
An alloy is not a perfect mixture therefore does not constitute a real compound in it.
In fact, metals retain their characteristics, remaining separated. This creates contact surfaces in which the atoms of a metal are linked to those of the metal; However, these bonds are weaker than the internal bonds between metal atoms of the same, for this it is easier for these surfaces to separate and so that the weld will break.

We can imagine the welding points as points where the adhesive was placed between two surfaces, the adhesive and the materials remain separate, so this makes weaker precisely these points.
In fact the glued surfaces are even more resistant than welded surfaces because glue reacts chemically with materials, even if only at the points where it is in contact with them, while in the solder do not occur chemical reactions. This is why the bonds between metals are still the weakest than bonds that forms between glue and glued materials.

Filmar has successfully solved this problem by structuring its counter frames without welding, forming at first pieces of its counter frames to be fitted together.

In this way the external stresses will not undermine interlocking points and sometimes also contribute to strengthen the plot created making the structure more stable.
The figure below makes a perfect idea of what we are saying.


As we can see, the structure in which engages the network the adhesion subframe is melted and conformed to the same subframe.

It ‘also possible to observe from the figure that the form of the joint is designed to minimize the stresses in the coupling point, and stabilize the coupling between the parts.
In the next article we will continue to talk about the coupling structure between the parts, of his particular form and sub attack reinforcements already visible in the figure.
Filmar do technical research to ensure only the best.

Extraordinary counterframes solderless

Reliability is not a concept, it’s true!

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