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Controtelai certificati nella durata.

We arrived at the heart of the journey in the quality of our counterframes, that is the simulated analysis of duration of counterframes.

In this test the duration of the trolley kit and of the aluminum guide was simulated subtending to them a panel (simulated sliding door) of 240 kg and performing 15000 opening / closing cycles.

This test, particularly proving, help us to understand the level of wear both overall and for each element, in fact, any damage reported, are referred to both on the state of the trolleys and on the status of the aluminum guide.

The results reported by Giordano’s Institute for this test are surprising!

In fact, after 15000 test cycles, the profiled aluminum guide did not show any deformation, whereas the carriages, quoted from the results, report “light signs”.
It is important to underline, in particular, that the bearings of the trolleys do not report any damage, this means that the kit still works well, even after the execution of the 15000 cycles.

Equally important is the lack of deformation of the aluminum profile rail which still allows a perfect functioning of the subframe where it is carried out, even if the test does not show the necessity, the replacement of the carriages.
The results shown below are self-explanatory, so much so that it is not necessary to add anything else.

Durata per 15000 cicli

We would like to underline just how Filmar has achieved a similar success with regard to the more delicate elements of a subframe.
There are no secrets to reveal, the only element that allows such a success in the tests, giving an enormous reliability to our products, is the dedication.
Filmar continuously searches for methods and materials to produce the top of the counterframes, without ever being satisfied and knowing that it can always be done better.
For us there is no point of arrival in trying to meet the needs of our installers and we are always looking for ways to improve.

Counterframes certified in duration


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