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Disability & Sliding Doors, more space and more accessibility!

Have you ever considered the trials and tribulations of a wheelchair user? They are numerous and one of the most common is a swinging door. Not only is it difficult because of the forward and backward movement, but also because of the one-handed operation and the strength required to open the door, how can you overcome this sequence of events:

See how complicated and inconvenient it is? Well, the solution has been around for a long time and it is the sliding door.

Of course you get more usable space and no intrusion into the corridors, but if you are in a wheelchair or have difficulty manoeuvring it is clearly much, much easier to pass through a sliding patio door.

The same benefits apply to anyone who uses walking aids or has visual impairments, as the danger of the leading edge is eliminated.Filmar sliding door counterframe systems are a wonderful alternative to traditional hinged doors, used to create more space without compromising reliability and strength.

Adaptable for use in both new buildings and refurbishments, the steel frame becomes part of the wall, whether this is plaster or plasterboard, allowing the doors to slide effortlessly into the wall offering maximum openness without encroaching on the room space.

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